We gratefully acknowledge support from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District through the Arapahoe County Cultural Council. The SCFD represents a broad-based community commitment to the arts, and provides nearly 30% of the LSO's operating budget.

We thank the following donors and sponsors who make performances of the LSO possible.

Virtuoso $10,000+

Citizens of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District - Arapahoe County

Director $5,000-$9,999

The Estate of Marie C. Lindvall

Maestro $2,500-$4,999

Concertmaster $1000-$2,499

Donald Dillard

Prodigy $650-$999

Rich and Mel Frommer
Dr. and Mrs. Calvin Owens III
King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Program

Encore $400-$649

Richard A. Spritz, M.D.
Jurgen de Lemos
K and B Wasmundt
Karen Smith
Judith and Edward Elgethun
Charlie Bartberger and Gretchen Platt
Richard Lindvall - In Memory of Marie Lindvall
Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Gift Program
Geraldine Van Wormer

Bravo $200-$399

David Lichtenstein and Donna Schmalberger
Alice K. M. H. Bakemeier Trust
Mary and Bill Haddock Charitable Fund
Minnie B. Lindsey
Stanley C. Jones
Bobbi Jones - In Memory of Marie Lindvall
Steve Snyder
Sudy Opsahl
AGR Technology
Mary Hagen - In Memory of Mary Bradford

Overture $25-$199

Russ and Kristal Suter - In Memory of Marie Lindvall
The Law Firm of Abraham Hutt, P.C.
Mike and Loryn Gorsett
Jane C. Miller
Leonard Fahrni
Paul E. and Diane Schauer
Carolyn Moershel - In Memory of Phyllis Moershel
Marcia and John Viets
David and Helga Weiss
Leland and Jean Smith
Kathryn Smith
Stew and Jean Gibson
Jim and Beth Elland
Gene and Nancy Richards
Kees and Linda Corssmit
Jacob Waples - In Honor of Carolyn Moershel
Katherine McMurray
Lucy Garrett and Fran Schroeder
Complete Realty Services Inc
Dale H. Downing - In Memory of Roy Safstrom
Shirley McGregor
Lynn and Trey Hegstrom
James (Jim) Taylor
Lucy P. Beers
Virginia Mayers
Susan C. Knebel
Ann F. Ross
Tim Stevens and Patti O'Connor
Katherine Millett
Suzanne Walters
Kris and Russ Gensemer
Jim Talman
Christie Possehl - In Honor of Dewey and Margery
Juan and Carin Ramirez
Cathleen Johnson
Amazon Smile
Community First Foundation
Marianna Bagge
Cigna Foundation - Matching Gifts
Helen Hilley - In Loving Memory of John Denhof
Jeremy and Debbie Lazarus
Julie Dexter - In Loving Memory of Gregg
Frank and Barbara Costey
Rosanne and Ned Sterne
David and Alice Bullwinkle
Margaret Rerucha